East West Coaches operate's 6 day's a week through Lewis pass Sunday-Friday. Saturday travel between Westport to Christchurch is via Arthur's Pass.

Departing Westport in the morning you will experience the mighty Buller George with stunning native forest views as you travel along side the Buller river. We then pass through Inangahua junction turn off with the next stop being Historic mining town of Reefton. Our bus then heads through the Rahu saddle where you will be treated to more of our spectacular native forest with our next destination being Springs Junction..

Departing Springs Junction our next pickup point is Maruia Hot Springs

Westport to Christchurch

7:45am - Caltex gas station, 197 palmerston Street, Westport

8:00am - Depart Caltex Gas station, Westport 197 Palmerston Street

8:30am - Inangahua junction, TNL box opposite cemetery

8:50am - Reefton, Opposite Reefton I-Site

9:30am - Springs junction public toilets  (10-15min refreshment break)

9:55am - Maruia hot pools thermal resort

10:10am - st James walkway (Start, Lewis pass)

10:20am - Boyle river (St James end)

10:35am - Windy point (Lake sumner national park)

11:00am - Hanmer junction

11:20am - Culvrden public toilets by tea rooms  (5min Toilet stop if needed)

11:40am - Waikari Hotel

11:45am - Waipara opposite spark phone box near railway crossing

11:50am - Amberley mobil garage

12:05pm - Waikuku opposite Z gas station

12:10pm - Woodend automotoive (old BP gas station)

12:15pm - Pineacres bus stop (Turn off to kaiapoi)

12:25pm - Belfast bus stop, 808 Main North road

12:35pm - Redwood Hotel

12:45pm - St Bedes College bus stop

12:55pm -  Christchurch International Airport, Pick up/Dropp off.  Only On Demand

1:00pm - Arrive in Christchurch outside the Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Ave  

​Christchurch to Westport

1:45pm - Outside Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Ave

2:00pm - Depart Christchurch,  Outside Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Ave  

2:00pm - Foodstuffs bus stop, 167 Main North Road

2:00pm - Bus stop opposite St Bedes College

2:00pm - Redwood bus stop opposite Mobil garage

2:00pm -Bellfast, Bus stop by the Elim Church 803 main North Road

2:10pm - Pineacres, Opposite pineacres bus stop on left side of the road (Turn off to kaiapoi)

2:20pm - Woodend Store bus stop, 53 Main North Road

2:25pm - Waikuku Z gas station bus stop

2:35pm - Amberley Hotel, Opposite Mobil gas station

3:00pm - Waipara, Spark phone box. Near railway crossing

3:10pm - Waikari Tea rooms

3:25pm - Culverden Tea rooms  (10-15min refreshment break)

3:45pm - hanmer juction

4:20pm - Windy point (Lake Sunmer national park)

4:30pm - Boyle river (St James end)

4:35pm - St James (Start, Lewis Pass)

4:40pm - Maruia hot pools thermal resort

4:45pm - Springs Junction public toilets  (5min Toilet stop if needed)

5:35pm - Reefton I-Site

6:10pm - Inanagahua Junction by Cemetery

7:00pm - Arrive Caltex gas station, 197 Palmerston street, Westport